- If you changed your mind

Don't worry! You have the right to return the purchase within 14 days after the delivery by the Directive on Consumer rights 2011/83/EC

Please inform us about your decision via e-mail and we will provide you with further instructions.
By the law this consumer right refers to unused goods. If you have used the bed, we still give you two weeks to change your mind!
Please contact us within 14 days after the delivery. After the receipt of goods to our warehouse, we shall examine the bed for reparation/polishing necessity and then reimburce the money to your account with extemption of reparation and delivery costs.

- If the goods were damaged during the delivery

Don't worry! every delivery has been insured, please inform us about the case with photo evidences of damage

- If the goods received defect.

Don't worry! If you have complaints on the lack of conformity of the goods delivered, then under the Directive of the European Parlament 1999/44/EC our company shall offer the client to choose ether repair the goods, or replacement of goods , or the price of contract reduced , or reimburcement of payment (p10). Any reimburcment may be reduced to take account of use the consumer has had of the goods since they were delivered to him (p15) Our company set the period within which the consumer must inform the seller of any lack of conformity by 2 months + 1 day after delivery (p19)

- If you wish to recyle the bed after use

Please send us the plastic parts back, and we shall reimburce you 25% percent of the price paid. We shall do our best to address any inquiry personally, and keep flexible to keep customers satisfied with return policy

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Basic transparent crib

Price for Bubble Baby Bed with matrass is 2500 EUR

We kindly ask You for 750 EUR including PayPal Fee (30 EUR) prepayment to secure your order.
1750 EUR You will pay when your Bubble Baby Bed will be ready to send You.